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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Our specialists deal with all manner of home, office, commercial and industrial carpet cleaning with affordable rates and service that is truly second to none.
Whether your in need your carpets or upholstery freshening up, have stain removal requirements or require your favourite Persian Rug Cleaning, we are the team for the job! Working throughout Cape Town, we offer a same day service which is fast and hassle free.

What do we do?

Our specialists use the latest in professional cleaning equipment, and have the skill and knowledge required to safely remove tough stains, large spills and stubborn marks from any carpet or rug. The professional teams use steam cleaning, hot water extraction, dry cleaning, wet shampooing and chemical dry cleaning methods. We have a solution no matter what your requirements might be and with quick drying times, we aim for minimal hassle and maximum customer satisfaction!

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