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Oven and Fridge

Oven Cleaning

Our oven cleaning service is well established in London and Greater London. Our premium quality oven cleaning service will restore your cooking appliances back to their sparkling best leaving you free to enjoy the finer things in life.

We clean the following:
Cooking Stoves
Extractor Hoods


One of our highly trained oven cleaning technicians will greet you with a friendly smile and proceed to rejuvenate your oven and make it look like new again.

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Fridge/Freezer Cleaning

Fridge/freezer cleaning is a specialised task. We have extensive experience in removing all mould, biological contaminants and waste safely and hygienically from refrigerators and freezers.

Often, a power failure can lead to food spoilage. We can remove the spoiled food and thoroughly sanitise and clean the unit.

We pride ourselves on attention to details. We completely dismantle all shelving, and we even concentrate on the rubber door seals to ensure a perfect job.

We finish the job by sanitising and deodorising the unit.

We’ll store your food in cool bags whilst we’re cleaning and reload your fridge before we leave.

Benefits of Fridge/Freezer Cleaning:
  • Efficient service from fully-insured, friendly professionals
  • Non-toxic, environmentally-friendly cleansing
  • Antibacterial sprays used within the fridge body
  • An affordable service that will leave you with a hygienic, odour free fridge, that works at maximum efficiency with minimum power costs
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