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After Party Cleaning

After Party Cleaning

Any host can agree that the worst part of a party is the cleanup that comes after the guests have left. A great party can still leave an unbearable thought when it comes to facing the extreme cleanup that you’ll be left to deal with. The experienced team at CleanHome London understands this stress and provides after party clean up services for various parties. This is why a host should take advantage of trusting in our specialists when it comes to the last thing you want to be thinking of when planning a party. Our professionals are your best option to let you get some rest after an incredible night and a successful soiree.

CleanHome London can help clean up before and after any kind or type of event!

Pre Event Cleaning

CleanHome London pre-event cleaning will handle all of the finer points of making your event location appear beautiful to your guests.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Policing trash and making sure that the event stays as clean as possible
  • Detailing any shiny surfaces such as granite or marble
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the bathrooms
  • Cleaning and polishing all of the floor surfaces
  • Emptying and cleaning the bins
During Event Cleaning

During any live event, accidents happen. Which is why having CleanHome London cleaners on hand to handle emergency cleaning is critical to the event’s success. No matter if it is a family gathering, office party, sporting event, concert or even a convention, a spill, garbage pile up or general litter may deteriorate the overall quality of the event.

During your event CleanHome London will handle all of your cleaning needs:

  • Cleaning all of the glass surfaces
  • Sweeping up areas that become messy
  • Mopping up an spills that could cause injuries
Post Event Cleaning

CleanHome London will make sure that the location of your event looks like its original condition or better.

If you do decide to choose CleanHome London services, what can you expect?
For a start, we clear all glasses, cans, plates, garbage, and bottles. We then wipe clean, sweep and dust all surfaces, and then vacuum or mop the floor. Our cleaners will dispose of ALL your party garbage and refuse waste. We will make sure every room in your house is sparkling clean.

The kitchen is usually the focal point of any party. We wash all dishes, plates and glasses, scrub clean all the work surfaces and wipe down the sink and taps.

We deep clean bathrooms and toilets. All surfaces in the bathroom are sanitized, the sink, taps and faucets, mirrors and walls. We scrub toilets and disinfect them.

Every room is finishing off by vacuuming and mopping the floor.

CleanHome London takes party cleaning to the next level. We will make sure to take care of pre-party or after-party cleanings so that whatever you decide to do, rest or perhaps run errands or go for a relaxing spa treatment somewhere, you can leave it for us to do. We work hard to make sure everything is clean. We make you feel better and get your house, office or event facility back into shape after that great party.

Optional Services

Our events services include (but not limited to):

  • Wash and put away dishes
  • Clean chairs
  • Empty rubbish bins
  • Wipe clean accessible table surfaces
  • Wipe clean mirrors
  • Vacuum all accessible carpeted floors including stairs
  • Vacuum and mop hard floors
  • Wipe clean all work tops, backsplash, hob and range hood in the kitchen
  • Keep bathrooms cleaned, disinfected and deodorized toilets, inside and outside
Additional Services (charges apply):
  • Sweep and wash balcony or patio
  • Sweep garage and driveway
  • Remove external cobwebs
  • Clean internal windows
  • Oven cleaning
  • Fridge cleaning
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